Scientific Name:
Celmisia durietzii Cockayne & Allan ex Martin in Martin, Trans. Roy. Soc. New Zealand 66: 75 (1936) – as Du Rietzii
Type:New Zealand. South Island, Arthur’s Pass, Mar 1921, W. Martin s.n. (holotype CHR 9376)

Robust subshrub with stout simple to multicipital stock; branches ± arcuate, clad in imbricate If-remains; living Ivs rosulate, spreading, at tips of branchlets. Lamina ± 3–6 cm. × 7–10 mm., narrow- to ellipticobovate to subspathulate (diverse forms often on same plant), subcoriac.; upper surface glab., us. with deciduous pellicle when young (in some forms clad in soft white tomentum); lower densely clad in white appressed silky soft hairs, midrib evident; apex obtuse to subacute; margins minutely obscurely denticulate, gradually narrowed to rather slender petiole up to ± 3 cm. long. Sheath translucent, glab., ± 2.5 cm × 5 mm., longitudinal veins prominent. Scape stiff, rather stout, finely ribbed, glab. or nearly so, ± 20 cm. long; lower bracts tomentose below, up to c. 3 cm. long (lowest sts wholly lflike), upper less hairy below, midrib evident. Capitula 3–4 cm. diam.; phyll. ∞, ± reflexed, glandular-pubescent, up to 12 mm. long, linear, subcoriac., midrib distinct, margins pilose, apical part with tuft of floccose hairs. Rayflorets c. 15 mm. long, tube almost filiform, limb narrow-obovate, c. 3 mm. broad. Disk-florets ∞, slender, tubular, only slightly flaring, 6–7 mm. long, teeth minute, narrow-triangular. Achenes narrow-cylindric, ± 5–6 mm. long, densely clad in fine silky subappressed hairs. Pappus-hairs very slender, white, up to c. 7 mm. long, hardly barbellate.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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