Scientific Name:
Celmisia similis Given, New Zealand J. Bot. 7: 393-395 (1969)

Small slender cushion-forming subshrub with branchlets up to 6 cm long. Living leaves tending to be near the tips of the branchlets and sometimes forming small rosettes. Leaf lamina linear, apiculate, rigid, reflexed at the base, 1-2cm × 1-2mm; upper surface covered with a silvery to grey pellicle; lower surface with a loose scurfy grey tomentum; sheath ± 1 cm long. Scape 4-6cm × 1.5mm, reddish, clad in deciduous eglandular hairs. Involucral bracts erect, up to 9 mm long, margins fringed with short hairs, abaxial surface bearing many eglandular hairs. Receptacle obconic and alveolate. Capitulum 1-1.5 cm diameter. Ray florets ± 1 cm long, tube glabrous. In disc florets, corolla tube gradually narrowed from apex to base, glabrous; stamen tip acute, anther tails short; style bifid, the arms differentiated into a lower parallel-sided papillose portion and an upper attenuate portion bearing long collecting hairs. Pappus bristles unequal, up to 4.5 mm long, with distant or sometimes moderately close fine teeth. Achene 1.5-2 × 0.4 mm, fusiform, compressed, weakly ribbed and clad in bifid hairs.

[Reproduced from Given (1969, New Zealand J. Bot. 7: 389–399) with permission from The Royal Society of New Zealand.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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Given, D. R. 1969: Taxonomic notes on the genus Celmisia (Compositae). New Zealand Journal of Botany 7: 389–399.