Scientific Name:
Celmisia sinclairii Hook.f., Handb. New Zealand Fl. 132 (1864)
Type: New Zealand. South Island, Tarndale, Jan 1861, Sinclair s.n. in Herbarium Hookerianum (lectotype K 882075 designated by W. Martin 1936: 73; isolectotype CHR 288143)

Small low-growing subshrub with stems branching from near base; branches short, ascending to spreading, clad in lf-remains; living lvs rosulate at tips of branchlets. Lamina bright green, glab. on both surfaces, ± 5–7 cm. × 15 mm., obovate- to elliptic-spathulate, rather thin; lower surface with conspicuous midrib; apex obtuse to subacute, apiculate; margins entire to obscurely denticulate, gradually narrowed to short petiole, then expanded into striate, glab., thin sheath ± 25 × 6 mm. Scape slender, almost glab., ± 15 cm. long; bracts linear-subulate, 8–9 mm. long, ± ciliolate. Capitula 3–4 cm. diam.; phyll. linear-subulate, spreading, ± ciliolate at apex. Ray-florets ∞, linear, c. 8–12 mm. long, obtuse. Disk-florets narrow-funnelform, c. 5–6 mm. long. Achenes silky-hairy on ribs. Pappus-hairs up to 6 mm. long, slender, barbellate.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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