Scientific Name:
Chaerophyllum ramosum (Hook.f.) K.F.Chung, Syst. Bot. 32: 679 (2007)
  • Oreomyrrhis ramosa Hook.f., Handb. New Zealand Fl. 91 (1864)
  • = Oreomyrrhis andicola var. ramosa Kirk, Stud. Fl. New Zealand 198 (1899)

Lax perennial herb with much-branched slender spreading stems up to c. 6 dm. long. Lvs pinnate to 2-pinnate, on slender petioles up to c. 15 cm. long. Lamina ovate-oblong in outline; lflts in few pairs, on very slender petiolules up to 15 mm. long; lflts of basal lvs up to 15 × 20 mm., us. less, coarsely apiculately toothed, cuneately narrowed to base; pinnules of cauline lvs and often of basal ones ± 10 × 5 mm., very membr., on filiform petiolules 2–5 mm. long, pinnatifid to pinnatisect; segs linear to narrow-lanceolate, ± apiculate. Umbels on very slender peduncles up to ± 25 cm. long. Involucral bracts several, linear to linear-lanceolate, apiculate, up to c. 5 mm. long. Rays 10–15, unequal, very slender, up to c. 2 cm. long. Fr. glab. to pubescent, linear or very slightly widened towards base, ± 5–6 mm. long, strongly ribbed.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1 as Oreomyrrhis ramosa Hook.f.]

Indigenous (Non-endemic)
Chung, K-F. 2007: Inclusion of the South Pacific alpine genus Oreomyrrhis (Apiaceae) in Chaerophyllum based on nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequences. Systematic Botany 32(3): 671–681.
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