Scientific Name:
Chaerophyllum L., Sp. Pl. 258-259 (1753)

Hairy, biennial or perennial herbs, often with stout tuberous roots. Lvs 1–5-pinnate or ternate; segments broad to narrow. Umbels compound, pedunculate; bracts few or 0, simple; bracteoles several, simple. Petals white, pink or yellow, regular or irregular, with apex notched and inflexed; calyx teeth 0. Fr. narrowly oblong or ovoid, slightly flattened laterally, tapering toward the scarcely beaked apex, spineless, but sometimes pubescent; commissure narrow; ribs 5 per mericarp, equal, broad and rounded; vittae solitary in furrows.

[From: Webb et al. (1988) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 4.]

Indigenous (Non-endemic)
Number of species in New Zealand within Chaerophyllum L.
Indigenous (Endemic)3
Indigenous (Non-endemic)1
Exotic: Fully Naturalised1
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