Scientific Name:
Chionochloa crassiuscula subsp. torta Connor (1991)

Short, stout, robust tussock. Leaf-sheath to 12 cm, sometimes purpled, usually with many short interrib hairs. Ligule to 0.5 mm. Leaf-blade 30 cm × 6 mm, drawn out into long tapering, twisting or curling, pointed apex; adaxially with few prickle-teeth near ligule. Culm to 65 cm, internodes often hairy. Lemma to 6 mm; hairs dense on margin and in all internerves though sometimes absent from some. Plate 1B.

[From: Edgar and Connor (2000) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 5 (second printing).]

Indigenous (Endemic)
Connor, H.E. 1991: Chionochloa Zotov (Gramineae) in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 29: 219–283.
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