Scientific Name:
Coprosma pseudocuneata W.R.B.Oliv. ex Garn.-Jones & Elder, Trans. & Proc. New Zealand Inst. 59: 729 (1928)
Garnock-Jones & Elder (1996) validly published this species, originally named by Laing & Oliver (1928)
  • = Coprosma egmontiana Cockayne, Veg. N.Z. 337 (1928) nom. nud.

Spreading shrub up to c. 3 m. tall, us. shorter, sts reduced to ± 5 cm. when much exposed (the lvs also reduced). Branches rather stout; branchlets subtetragonous, ± pubescent. Lvs fascicled on short branches; petioles short, stout. Stipules ovate- oblong, obtuse, glab. or nearly so on surfaces, sheathing at base; marginal cilia long, white. Lamina thick, coriac., dark green above, paler below; cuneate-oblong to narrow-obovate, ± curved, obtuse to subacute, cuneately narrowed to base, (5)–15–20 × (1·5)–2–4–6 mm. Midrib obscure above, evident (and sts a few secondary veins) below. Fls solitary, terminal on short branchlets. ♂ without calyx; corolla campanulate, lobes oblong, obtuse, ± = tube. ♀ with linear obtuse calyx-teeth ± 2 mm. long; corolla tubular, lobes narrowly ovate-oblong, > tube. Drupe scarlet, oblong, 5–6 mm. long.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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