Scientific Name:
Cyperus albostriatus Schrad. (1832)

Rhizome far-extending, woody, ± 5 mm diam., with short, dark purple-brown scales. Stems to 40 cm high, slender but tough, 3-angled, smooth, leafy at base. Leaves ± = stems or much < stems, all basal, 10–15 mm wide, flat, midrib and 2 lateral nerves white and prominent, margins finely scabrid, tip acute; sheaths purple. Involucral bracts > inflorescence, 7–11, leaf-like, almost equal in length. Inflorescence a compound umbel with many filiform rays to 10 cm long. Spikelets many-flowered, in small digitate clusters of 2–6 or solitary on the branchlets, linear-oblong, compressed, acute, ± 3.5–7 × 1 mm, greenish-brown. Glumes slightly > 1 mm long, ± imbricate but thickened junction with rhachilla obvious at base of each glume, ovate, acute, tip slightly spreading, many-nerved, keel green. Stamens 3. Style-branches 3. Nut slightly < glumes, ellipsoid, trigonous, brown.

[From: Healy and Edgar (1980) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 3.]