Scientific Name:
Dracophyllum kirkii Berggr. (1880)
Type: New Zealand. Mount Torlesse, 1877. S. Berggren s.n. (lecto: O!), designated by Oliver (1952).
  • = Dracophyllum uniflorum Bergg. (1877) nom. illeg., non Dracophyllum uniflorum Hook.f. 1864
Named after Thomas Kirk (1828–1898) New Zealand botanist and teacher.

Prostrate to sprawling; branches stout, up to c. 5 dm. long, bark reddish brown to greyish; branchlets densely lfy, ascending at tips, bark reddish brown. Lvs crowded, erecto-patent, coriac.; sheaths ± 5–10 × 4–8 mm., rather abruptly narrowed into glab., glaucous lamina ± 20–35–(50) × (3)–4–5 mm., gradually narrowing to acuminate pungent tip; margins very minutely serrulate. Fls 6–9 mm. long, on lateral branchlets, shortly peduncled; bracts few, > fls. Sepals ovate, acuminate, persistent, ciliolate, < corolla-tube, which is ± 5 mm. long with ovate-triangular, acute lobes; anthers included. Capsule c. 3 mm. long, broadly obovoid.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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