Subordinate Taxa
Scientific Name:

Fls us. perfect, regular, in racemes or panicles; sepals 4–5, often connate, valvate; petals 4–5–(0), often ± incised, us. valvate. Stamens ∞; anthers dehiscing by terminal pores or slits, situated on disk. Pistil 1; ovary superior, 2–∞-loculed; placentae axile; seeds pend., 2-several per locule; style 1. Fr. capsular or drupaceous; embryo straight. Trees or shrubs with simple, alt. or opp. stipulate lvs.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Number of species and named hybrids in New Zealand within Elaeocarpaceae
Indigenous (Endemic)5
Exotic: Casual1
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