Scientific Name:
Euchiton ruahinicus (D.G.Drury) Breitw. & J.M.Ward, New Zealand J. Bot. 36: 303 (1998)
  • Gnaphalium audax subsp. ruahinicum D.G.Drury, New Zealand J. Bot. 10: 140 (1972)
  • Gnaphalium ruahinicum (D.G.Drury) C.J.Webb, New Zealand J. Bot. 25: 147 (1987)
The epithet ruahinicum is derived from the type locality (Ruahine Range, near Potae).
Vernacular Name(s):
Creeping cudweed

Stoloniferous perennial; stems 1-few, usually ascending, sometimes erect, simple, 3–15–(30) cm tall. Lvs basal and cauline at flowering; basal lvs short-petiolate, densely white-tomentose on lower surface sometimes including mid-vein, sparsely to moderately tomentose on upper, plane, narrow-obovate to oblanceolate, long-cuneate, acute, mucronate, (8)–30–50–(100) × 4–10–(13) mm; cauline lvs scarcely reduced upwards, often oblanceolate or oblong, apetiolate and cuneate or broad-based. Capitula 1.5–2 mm diam., 10-numerous, in dense ± globular terminal clusters only; longest subtending lvs 1–2× diam. of cluster. Involucral bracts oblong to narrowly obovate-oblong, obtuse, 3.5–4.5 mm long; stereome green, often tinged reddish purple toward apex; lamina mid to dark brown; gap and margins clear or tinged pale reddish purple. Achenes minutely papillate, c. 0.7 mm long.

[From: Webb et al. (1985) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 4 as Gnaphalium ruahinicum (D.G.Drury) C.J.Webb]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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