Scientific Name:
Fuchsia perscandens Cockayne & Allan, Trans. New Zealand Inst. 57: 53 (1926 [1927])

Gynodioecious, deciduous liane with stout main stems to ± 5 m long and 5 cm diam., sparingly branched, sprawling when lacking support; bark pale brownish orange, ± flaking; branchlets hairy at first. Petioles 10–20 mm long, very slender. Lamina (10)–25–30 × (10)–20–25–(30) mm, broad-ovate to suborbicular, sinuate, membranous, remotely and obscurely dentate, green or dark green above, glaucescent below, glabrous except on veins and margins; base subcordate to truncate; apex subacute. Fls solitary or occasionally 2–3 together; pedicels very slender, ± 10 mm long. Floral tube 7–15 mm long. Sepals 6–10 mm long, narrow-ovate, green or nearly so, patent to reflexed. Petals dark purple, 1–5 mm long, narrow-oblong. Stamens of ☿ fls exserted; filaments 10–15 mm long, purple. Stigma capitate. Berry 5–10 mm long, ± broad-cylindric, dark purple.

[From: Webb et al. (1988) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 4.]

Indigenous (Endemic)

Flowering: Aug.–Dec.

Cockayne, L.; Allan, H.H. 1927 ("1926"): Notes on New Zealand floristic botany, including descriptions of new species, & c. (No. 5). Transactions of the New Zealand Institute 57: 48–72.
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