Scientific Name:
Gastrodia sesamoides R.Br. (1810)

Plant at fl. to c. 60–90 cm. tall. Swollen rhizomes large, e.g. individual parts to 8 × 3 cm. Stem erect, stout or slender (2–7 mm. diam.). Scale lvs widely spaced. Fls us. < 20, ± drooping to bring dorsal sepal next to axis. Per. c. 10–16 × 4–8 mm., light brownish; lobes slightly thickened marginally. Lateral sepals connate almost to level of labellum-tip. Labellum ovate-oblong, rather shortly adnate to per.-tube; long median calli much crested; margin well-developed, undulate and ± lobed, membr. above, thickened below, confined to free limb. Column almost as tall as labellum, very narrowly winged throughout; anther short, operculate, filament smooth; stigma basal, far below anther.

[From: Moore and Edgar (1970) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 2.]

Indigenous (Non-endemic)

Flowering: (Aug.)–Dec.–(Feb.)

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