Scientific Name:
Hedychium gardnerianum Ker Gawl. (1824)
Vernacular Name(s):
Kahili ginger; Wild ginger

Rhizome large. Stems to 2 m high. Leaves 20–45 × 10–15 cm, lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, acuminate, shortly petiolate or almost sessile; ligule c. 1.5 cm long. Inflorescence 25–45 cm long, open, with narrow, not over-lapping bracts. Flowers pale lemon-yellow with conspicuous red stamen, fragrant; each green tapering bract, 3–6 × c. 1.5 cm, closely enveloping 2 flowers, concealing the calyx and most of the corolla- tube, inner bracts membranous. Calyx c. 3cm long, split on one side, 3-toothed and hairy at apex. Corolla-tube c. 5 cm long, lobes c 3.5 cm long, narrow-linear, acuminate, reflexed. Lateral petaloid staminodia c 2.5 × 0.5 cm, oblong. Labellum strongly bilobed at apex, narrowed at base, 2.5 cm long, 1.5 cm wide above. Staminal-filament 5 cm long, bright red, curved; anther < 1 cm long. Stigma brush-like, protruding beyond tip of anther. Capsule 1.5–1.8 cm long, 3-valved, orange inside. Seeds numerous, bright scarlet, 6 × 4 mm shining, with remains of red aril at base.

[From:  Healy and Edgar (1980) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 3.]


Flowering: Feb.–Mar.

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