Scientific Name:
Isolepis aucklandica Hook.f., Bot. Antarct. Voy. I. (Fl. Antarct.) Part I, 88, t.50 (1844)
  • Scirpus aucklandicus (Hook.f.) Boeckeler (1870)
  • = Isolepis cartilaginea var. rigida Berggr. (1877)
  • = Isolepis subcucullata Berggr., Minneskr. Kongl. Fysiogr. Sällsk. Lund 8: 22, t.5, f. 16-20 (1877)
  • Scirpus aucklandicus var. subcucullata (Berggr.) C.B.Clarke in Cheeseman, Man. New Zealand Fl. 773 (1906)
  • = Scirpus muscosus Kirk, Trans. New Zealand Inst. 17: 224 (1885)

Rhizomatous, forming large, turfy patches, bright green above, fuscous towards the base. Rhizome c. 0.5 mm. diam. Culms 2–5–(7) cm. × c. 0.5 mm., rigid. Lvs up to 6 per culm, us. > culms, c. 0.5 mm. wide, or often setaceous and filiform, coriac., curved; sheaths with truncate orifice, pale brown and membr., often streaked with red, rarely entirely dark red-purple. Infl. apparently lateral, of 1–(2) narrow-oblong spikelets, (1)–2–3–(4) × (0.5)–1–1.5–(2) mm., partly hidden by the enlarged base of a subtending bract up to 5 times length of spikelet. Glumes 1.5–2.5 mm. long, lanceolate, acute, deciduous, green to pale grey-brown with reddish marks, to deep red-purple, margins tapered and often pinched in at the tip below the green, thickened, ± excurrent keel. Hypog. bristles 0. Stamens 3. Style-branches 3. Nut 1–2 mm. long, slightly > 0.5 mm. wide, almost = glume, elliptical, ± trigonous with rounded angles, almost white to yellowish, or grey- to red-brown, smooth and shining but very finely reticulate, tapering towards the apiculate black tip.

[From: Moore and Edgar (1970) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 2 as Scirpus aucklandicus (Hook.f.) Boeckeler]

Indigenous (Non-endemic)
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