Scientific Name:
Lepidothamnus intermedius (Kirk) Quinn, Austral. J. Bot. 30: 316 (1982)
  • Dacrydium intermedium Kirk, Trans. New Zealand Inst. 10: 386 (1878)
Vernacular Name(s):
yellow silver pine

Tree up to 15m., trunk 3–6 dm., bark brownish grey. Wood yellow. Lvs of juveniles 9–15 mm. long, spreading, narrow-linear-subulate, acute, recurved, subterete; of semi-juveniles (often flowering and fruiting in this stage) 3–6 mm. long, closer set, subpatent, broadly subulate, trigonous, acute to subacute; of adults 1·5–3 mm. long, imbricate, appressed, rhomboid, obtuse, keeled, coriac. Male strobili solitary, terminal, 5–6 mm. long, c. 2 mm. wide; apiculus broadly triangular, obtuse. Ovule solitary, terminal, final 3–4 scale lvs thin; ovule erect; epimatium not more than 1/4 length of seed, which is 3–5 mm. long, narrow to broad-oblong, nutlike, black, apiculus curved.

[From:  Allan  (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1 as Dacrydium intermedium Kirk]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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