Scientific Name:
Leucopogon fasciculatus (G.Forst.) A.Rich., Essai Fl. Nouv.-Zél., 215 (1832)
  • Epacris fasciculata G.Forst., Fl. Ins. Austr. 13 (1786)
  • Cyathodes fasciculata (G.Forst.) Allan, Fl. New Zealand 1, 515 (1961)
  • Styphelia fasciculata (G.Forst.) Sleumer, Blumea 12: 153 (1963)
  • = Leucopogon brevibarbis Stschegl., Bull. Soc. Imp. Naturalistes Moscou 32: 14 (1859)
Vernacular Name(s):
Hukihukiraho; Kaikaiatua; Mānuka-rauriki; Mikimiki; Mingi; Mingimingi; Ngohungohu; Tall mingimingi; Tōtara; Tūmingi

Rather laxly branched spreading shrub up to c. 5 m. tall, varying in habit according to exposure; branches slender, bark black; branchlets pubescent, bark brownish. Lvs coriac., flat, patent; petioles obsolete. Lamina glab., green above, paler below; linear to narrow-lanceolate or linear-oblong, narrowed to base; ± 12–25 × 2–4 mm.; nerves 3–7, margins minutely ciliolate, denticulate; acute to acuminate, subpungent, rarely obtuse. Infl. of 6–12-fld axillary and terminal drooping racemes or spikes ± 1–3 cm. long. Bracts obtuse, ciliolate, appressed. Fls 3–4 mm. long; calyx ciliolate, lobes oblong to ovate-triangular, c. 2 mm. long. Corolla greenish white, tube slightly > calyx; lobes ovate-triangular acute to obtuse, ± hirsute to subglab. on upper surface. Fr. oblong in outline, 2–4 mm. long, red or rarely whitish; locules 2'-3.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1 as Cyathodes fasciculata (G.Forst.) Allan]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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