Scientific Name:
Lycianthes rantonnetii (Carrière) Bitter (1920)
  • Solanum rantonnetii Carrière (1859) – as rantonnei

Much-branched, bushy and widespreading, unarmed shrub, to c. 2.5 m tall; hairs mostly simple; stems 4-ribbed except towards base of plant. Petioles 5–10–(20) mm long, slender. Lamina 2.5–6–(10) × 0.8–2.5–(6) cm, usually lanceolate-ovate to elliptic, sometimes broader, entire, puberulent, especially on midrib below; base attenuate; apex obtuse. Cymes with < 5 fls; peduncles 0; pedicels very slender. Calyx 4–5 mm long, puberulent; lobes small, subulate. Corolla 1.5–2.5–(3) cm diam., violet or deep blue with yellow centre; lobes very small, hairy, acute. Anthers c. 3 mm long. Berry not seen.

[From: Webb et al. (1988) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 4. as Solanum rantonnei Carrière]


Flowering: Jan.–Dec.

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