Scientific Name:
Macrolearia oporina (G.Forst.) Saldivia in Saldivia et al., Syst. Bot. 47: 621 (2022)
  • Arnica oporina G.Forst., Fl. Ins. Austr. 56 (1786)
  • Olearia oporina (G.Forst.) Hook.f., Bot. Antarct. Voy. II. (Fl. Nov.-Zel.) Part I, 114 (1853) – as Olearia operina
TYPE: NEW ZEALAND. Habitat in New Zealand, G. Forster s.n. (lectotype: K 838915 designated by Allan 1961: 659; isolectotype [probably]: P 711299
  • = Olearia oporina var. robusta Kirk, Stud. Fl. New Zealand 265 (1899)
  • = Olearia oporina var. β Hook.f., Bot. Antarct. Voy. II. (Fl. Nov.-Zel.) Part I, 115 (1853)

Shrub up to 3 m. tall or more; branchlets, lvs below, and peduncles clad in soft white to slightly yellowish tomentum. Lvs 5–10 × 1·5–2 cm., narrow-oblanceolate to lanceolate, acuminate, narrowed to winged petiole, coriac., glab. above when mature, closely bluntly dentate, teeth calloused. Peduncles 3–8 cm. long, stout, clad in foliaceous bracts. Capitula 3–4 cm. diam.; phyll. in 2–3 series, linear-oblong, acute, outer tomentose on back, inner glab. or nearly so except at tips. Ray-florets white, disk-florets yellow, receptacle up to 1 cm. diam.; achenes compressed, pilose, 4–5 mm. long; pappus-hairs slender, up to 6 mm. long.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1. as Olearia oporina (G.Forst.) Hook.f.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
de Lange, P.J.; Rolfe, J.R.; Champion, P.D.; Courtney, S.P.; Heenan, P.B.; Barkla, J.W.; Cameron, E.K.; Norton, D.A.; Hitchmough, R.A. 2013: Conservation status of New Zealand indigenous vascular plants, 2012. New Zealand Threat Classification Series 3. Department of Conservation, Wellington. [as Olearia oporina (G.Forst.) Hook.f.] [Naturally Uncommon]
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