Scientific Name:
Myosotis drucei (L.B.Moore) de Lange & Barkla in de Lange et al., Threat. Pl. New Zealand 438 (2010)
  • Myosotis pygmaea var. drucei L.B.Moore in Allan, Fl. New Zealand 1, 816, 973 (1961)

Hairs tapering to soft ± flexuous tips; spreading. Rosette-lvs obovate or broad-spathulate, 15 × 5 mm. in type but often larger. Lateral branches 3–10–(15) cm. long, sts ∞ and branched. Bracts ovate to broad-oblong, distichous, exceeding internodes. Calyx 3–(5) mm. long, hairs ∞, long and ± retrorse short, not stiff. Corolla ± cream-coloured, c. 3 mm. diam., tube 2–3 mm. long. Nutlets up to 1·7 mm. long, hidden within calyx.

[From:  Allan  (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1 as Myosotis pygmaea var. drucei L.B.Moore]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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