Scientific Name:
Ourisia crosbyi Cockayne, Trans. New Zealand Inst. 47: 113 (1914 [1915])
  • = Ourisia macphersonii Cockayne & Allan, Trans. & Proc. New Zealand Inst. 56: 30 (1926) – as Ourisia Macphersonii

Stem prostrate and rooting, up to 1 cm. diam., lvs. us. in terminal compact tuft but sts more scattered with internodes 1 cm. or more long. Lamina submembr., 2–12 cm. long, ovate-oblong, length us. 1·5–2 × width, regularly shallowly crenate-dentate, base rounded, upper surface rather evenly hairy all over, hairs on undersurface both on and between veins; petiole slender, = or > lamina, uniformly and us. quite densely hairy. Peduncle hairy, erect, much > lvs, occ. 40 cm. Long, us. with a whorl of 2–4 rather broad ± sessile cauline lvs below floral bracts. Bracts in 1–4 whorls, as many as 12 in upper whorls of large plants, often only 2–4 in lower whorls or small plants; hairs scattered us. over both surfaces. Pedicels up to as many as bracts in each whorl and longer, 2–5 cm. long, clad in flexuous tapering hairs. Calyx-clefts all reaching almost to base; lobes c. 5–7 mm. long, linear-oblong, entire, subacute, hairs ∞, flexuous, tapering. Corolla 15–20 mm. diam., glab. outside.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)

Flowering: Dec.–Feb.–(Mar.); Fruiting: Jan.–Mar.

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