Scientific Name:
Ourisia simpsonii (L.B.Moore) Arroyo, New Zealand J. Bot. 22: 462 (1984)
  • Ourisia sessilifolia var. simpsonii L.B.Moore in Allan, Fl. New Zealand 1, 869 (1961)

Distichous lvs ± evenly distributed along creeping stem; lamina c. 15 × 10 mm., multicellular hairs ∞ and non-glandular on upper surface, undersurface us. glab., sts a few long hairs, occ. gland-tipped, on strongly marked veins. Cauline lvs often 0. Bracts 1–2 pairs. Hairs on peduncle and pedicels multicellular and gland-tipped. Calyx c. 6 mm. long, with clefts, lobes and hairs as in var. sessilifolia. Corolla c. 1·5 cm. diam.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1 as Ourisia sessilifolia var. simpsonii L.B.Moore]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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