Scientific Name:
Pseudopanax lessonii (DC.) K.Koch, Wochenschr. Gärtnerei Pflanzenk. 2: 366 (1859)
  • Panax lessonii DC., Prodr. [A. P. de Candolle] 4, 253 (1830)
  • = Cussonia lessonii A.Rich., Essai Fl. Nouv.-Zél., 285, t. 32 (1832)
  • = Hedera lessonii A.Gray, U.S. Explor. Exped., Phan. 719 (1854)
Vernacular Name(s):
Houmāpara; Houpara; Houparapara; Kokotai; Oho; Parapara; Whauwhau

Shrub or tree up to 6 m. tall, branches stout with lvs crowded towards tips of branchlets, 3–5-foliolate, lvs of juveniles larger than those of adults. Petioles 5–15 cm. long, stout. Lflts subsessile, obovate-cuneate, sinuate-crenate to bluntly serrate in upper half, subacute to obtuse, thick and coriac.; terminal lflt with short petiolule, c. 5–10 × 2–4 cm. Umbels terminal, compound; staminate with 4–8 primary rays c. 4–5 cm. long, fls racemosely arranged along secondary rays; pistillate with shorter rays, fls in irregular umbellules. Ovary 5-loculed, 5-ovuled, style-branches 5, connate, tips spreading. Fr. oblong in outline, c. 7 × 5 mm.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)

Flowering: Dec.–Feb.

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