Scientific Name:
Selliera radicans Cav., Anales Hist. Nat. 1: 41, t. 5, fig. 2 (1799)
Lectotype: Chile. Carlos y Coquimbo [as ‘Arica y Coquimbo’ on additional, typewritten label (translation of original handwritten label)], s. dat., L.Née 715 (MA 476260 [image!]. Probable isolectotype: CHILE. In portu Coquimbo ... [as ‘San Carlos y Coquimbo (Chile)’ on additional, typewritten label (translation of original handwritten labels)], s. dat., L. Née s.n. (MA 476261 [image!]).
Vernacular Name(s):
Raumangu; Rekoreko; Remuremu

Herb with far-creeping stems and branches, rooting at nodes (sts subterranean), yellowish, forming matted patches up to 5 dm. or more diam.; final branchlets sts ascending. Lvs on slender flattened petioles up to c. 4 cm. long, solitary or up to 4 in a fascicle; lamina somewhat fleshy, glossy, of 3 main forms (sts on same plant)--(a) narrowly spathulate, (b) obovate-spathulate, (c) linear to linear-spathulate; (3)–7–15–30 × 1–5 mm. Infl. of solitary fls on bracted peduncles up to ± 4 cm. long; occ. 2-fld, on pedicels ± 2 cm. long; bracts minute, subulate-attenuate. Fls obliquely 7–10 mm. diam. Calyx persistent, with linear to narrow-triangular erect lobes 1–2 mm. long; corolla white to very pale blue, lobes narrow-oblong, acute to acuminate. Fr. obovoid to ovoid, truncate, (3·5)–6–10 mm. long. Seeds compressed, narrowly winged.

[From:  Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]


Fruiting: Nov.–Apr.

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