Scientific Name:
Wahlenbergia congesta (Cheeseman) N.E.Br., The Gardeners' Chronicle 336 (1913)
  • Wahlenbergia saxicola var. congesta Cheeseman, Man. New Zealand Fl. 403 (1906)
  • = Wahlenbergia morganii Petrie, Trans. & Proc. Roy. Soc. New Zealand 46: 34 (1913 [1914]) – as Morgani

Perennial, with creeping much-branched interlacing rhizomes, forming us. densely matted patches ± 5–10 cm. diam. Stems and branches us. compact, glab. or with spreading hairs towards tips. Lvs ± 8–25 mm. long, rosulate, glab., glossy, membr., orbicular- to oblong- to elliptic-spathulate, subacute (sts narrower) suddenly narrowed into a slender us. ciliate petiole often up to 2–3 times length of lamina. Peduncles simple, 2–5 cm. tall, slender, sts with small lanceolate toothed bract c. midway. Fl. solitary, glab., campanulate, c. 8–12 mm. diam. Calyx shallowly turbinate, lobes narrow-triangular, acute, c. 1·5 × 1 mm. Corolla pale blue or white, c. 8 × 6 mm., cut c. ⅓ way into 5 subacute lobes. Style c. twice length corolla-tube; stigma 2–3-lobed. Capsule globose, 5–6–(8) mm. diam., glab., tuberculate. Seeds ∞, minute.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
Number of subspecific taxa in New Zealand within Wahlenbergia congesta (Cheeseman) N.E.Br.
Indigenous (Endemic)2
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