Scientific Name:
Wahlenbergia violacea J.A.Petterson, New Zealand J. Bot. 35: 17-20 (1997)

Habit of radicate group. Stems 10-- 50 cm tall, slender, erect or decumbent. Leaves oblanceolate to lanceolate to linear, shallowly dentate to subentire, dark green, the lowermost 2-5 pairs opposite in seedlings and young shoots. Pedicels slender, 3-15 cm long. Flowers glabrous, (5-)12- 15(-18) mm diam., (2-)7-10 mm long, bright blue-violet, paler outside. Corolla shortly campanulate, bowl-shaped, often with tube distinctly angled at the sinus; tube 1.5 × 3 mm to 3 × 4 mm, ¼ to 1/3 length of corolla; corolla lobes ovate, acute, overlapping or touching in open flower, 3 × 2 mm to 7 × 4 mm. Style capitate, thickened and blue at the top, stigmas white, often large and fluffy. Calyx lobes glabrous, 1.5 × 0.7 mm to 4 × 1 mm, narrowly triangular, equal in length to the corolla tube. Capsule glabrous, 8 × 4 to 12 × 5 mm, obconic, with protruding apical valves. Bud at anther dehiscence tinted blue. Self- fertile. Seeds 0.5 mm long. FL Nov-Apr, FT Dec-Apr.

[Reproduced from Petterson (1997, New Zealand J. Bot. 35: 9–54) with permission from The Royal Society of New Zealand.]

Indigenous (Non-endemic)
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Petterson, J.A. 1997: Revision of the genus Wahlenbergia (Campanulaceae) in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 35(1): 9–54.