Scientific Name:
Coprosma polymorpha W.R.B.Oliv., 132: 92 (1935)

Spreading shrub up to 2 m. tall; branches slender, ± divaricate; branchlets very slender, finely pubescent. Lvs on very slender pubescent petioles 1–2–(4) mm. long. Stipules small, triangular, pubescent. Lamina thin, of diverse form on same plant; broad- to narrow-ovate to elliptic to lanceolate or almost linear, ± curved (sts all lvs narrow), obtuse to subacute, ± cuneately narrowed to base, ± (8)–10–20–(25) × (1)–2–6–(12) mm. Reticulated veins us. obscure above, us. evident below. Fls solitary or 2 together, terminal on arrested branchlets. ♂ without calyx; corolla funnelform, lobes ± = tube, ovate, acute. ♀ with minute calyx-teeth; corolla tubular, lobes narrow, acute, > tube. Drupe dark red, globose, c. 3 mm. diam.

[From:  Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)