Scientific Name:
Nicotiana alata Link & Otto
Vernacular Name(s):
flowering tobacco; Jasmine tobacco

Annual or short-lived perennial, glandular-viscid herb with stems to  c. 80 cm tall.  Basal lvs often with short winged petiole;  cauline lvs sessile, amplexicaul, ± auriculate, decurrent on stem;  lower lvs to  c. 20 × 8 cm (larger in cultivation), broadly spathulate to elliptic, with dense hairs on veins below, otherwise hairs often sparse;  apex acute or nearly so.  False raceme few-flowered, lax;  fls fragrant.  Calyx 2–2.3 cm long, densely glandular-viscid;  teeth 0.6–1 cm long, subulate, equal.  Corolla pale greenish outside, white inside;  tube 7–9 cm long, narrowly tubular-salverform and gradually widening in upper 1/2;  lobes 1.5–2 cm long, not reflexed, obtuse to acute.  Capsule  c. 1.5 cm long, ovoid.  Seed 0.9–1 mm long, ± broadly oblong, rugose.  

[From:  Webb et al. (1988) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 4.]


Flowering: Oct.–Mar.