Scientific Name:
Prumnopitys taxifolia (Sol. ex D.Don) de Laub., Blumea 24: 190 (1978)
  • Dacrydium taxifolium Sol. ex D.Don (1824)
  • = Podocarpus spicatus R.Br. ex Mirb. (1825)
  • = Dacrydium mai A.Cunn., Ann. Nat. Hist. 1: 213 (1838)
  • Prumnopitys spicata (Poepp.) Molloy & Munoz-Schick, New Zealand J. Bot. 37: 190 (1999)
  • = Podocarpus spicatus Poepp.
Vernacular Name(s):
Black pine; Black pine (NZ); Kāī; Kākāī; Māī; Mataī

Tree up to 25 m., trunk up to 1·25 m. diam., bark dark, falling in thick flakes. Juveniles with slender, flexuous, divaricating branchlets, lvs brownish, 5–10 × 1–2 mm., acute. Adults with lvs 1–1·5 cm. × 1–2 mm., subdistichous, linear, straight to subfalcate, obtuse, often apiculate, coriac., dark green, ± glaucous below. Male strobili in spikes, 3–5 cm. long, 10–30 per spike, ┴ axis; apiculus subacute. Ovules 3–10 per spike c. 4 cm. long, on short axillary branchlets; peduncle not swollen. Seeds 5–9 mm. long, subglobose, apiculus obtuse; black, drupaceous.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1 as Podocarpus spicatus R.Br. ex Mirb.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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