Subordinate Taxa
Scientific Name:
Salicornia L., Sp. Pl. 3 (1753)
  • = Sarcocornia A.J.Scott, Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 75 (1978)
Indigenous (Non-endemic)
Number of species in New Zealand within Salicornia L.
Indigenous (Non-endemic)1
Edgar, E.; Connor, H. E. 1983: Nomina Nova. III, 1977--1982. New Zealand Journal of Botany 21: 421–441. [as Sarcocornia A.J.Scott]
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Scott, A.J. 1978: Reinstatement and revision of Salicorniaceae J. Agardh (Caryophyllales). Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 75: 357–374.